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Inpatient Services

Medical/Surgical Inpatient Department

The Medical/Surgical Inpatient Department at Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) provides care for people of all ages who are recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

The Medical/Surgical Inpatient Department is on the second floor of the hospital. It features private, modern rooms designed to provide a comfortable environment for patients to heal.

Our Staff

The department consists of a team of nurses who have a wide variety of training and experience. Each of our nurses cares for no more than six patients at a time. This ensures that each patient gets prompt and personal care.

At PCMH, nursing care is based upon respect for the dignity and worth of every individual. We believe that each patient has the right to receive high-quality healthcare based on individual needs. To provide comprehensive care, all staff members work together as a team in developing a plan of care to fit each individual patient. Patients and their families are involved in care as well by establishing priorities to best meet the patient's needs.

PCMH also has hospitalists. Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in hospital-based care from admission to discharge. Our hospitalists manage and coordinate inpatient care, while working closely with your primary physician or specialist.

Other medical staff involved with Medical/Surgical Department's inpatient care include:

  • Certified nurse aides.
  • Social worker.
  • Dietitians.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists.

What to Bring

Patients should bring their essential personal belongings. Essential belongings are items such as clothing, eyeglasses, dentures and cell phones that the patient will likely want to have with them during their stay. Keeping track of the items remains the responsibility of the patient. PCMH is not responsible for lost or stolen essential items. We encourage essential items to be labeled and kept in a safe container when not in use. PCMH can supply a small container for dentures or hearing aids as well as a label, if needed. Please avoid placing essential or valuable items on a meal tray, under a pillow, on the sheets or in any concealed place where they may be lost or accidentally thrown out. Also, bring a current medication list or medication bottles when you arrive.

What Not to Bring

Please leave all valuables at home. Valuables are items such as cash, jewelry and watches. Patients who are accompanied by a family member or other trusted person will be encouraged to give such items to that person. Otherwise, the valuables will be inventoried and secured until the patient leaves the facility. These items will be returned upon discharge. PCMH is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables kept at the bedside.