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Mission and Vision

Perry County Health System (PCHS), founded in 1951, is both progressive and innovative. Through this philosophy, we provide advanced medical technology as well as a qualified medical staff to care for you close to home. The little things are also very important to us at PCHS and are a crucial part of our mission statement and goals. We live by our motto, "People Care More Here," and we're always here for you, willing to answer any questions you have.

Mission Statement

To be the first choice of quality healthcare for our community.

Vision Statement

Our Vision:

  • To remain an organization committed to moral values, integrity and character.
  • To create a customer-sensitive organization.
  • To provide easy access to our integrated delivery system.
  • To be the community leader in individual and corporate health and wellness.
  • To maintain financial viability while responding to the evolving needs of our customers.