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Perryville Family Care Clinic uses an electronic health record system called e-MDs. As a PFCC member, you have access to the e-MDs "Patient Portal" which offers these services:

  1. Messages: This allows you to exchange secure emails with our staff. This may include attachments, pictures, or other information. Use of this is very similar to standard email. Here you can also request a referral, ask billing questions, or even make suggestions on how we can improve the site.
  2. Lab/Test results: Here you can receive copies of labs/tests done in the office, their results, and any explanations or comments done by your provider. This is a read only area, but if you have questions, you can email us in the messages section.
  3. Health Summary: Here you can view information entered into various parts of your electronic health record. These are available for you to review and check for accuracy as well as print for other physicians or to keep for your records. We are going through on a regular basis and updating this with past forms you have filled out in the office. So if it isn't complete, we still have the information but it is not yet entered in a way you can view it through the portal. Here you can also make suggestions/comments on the information added, but it will not be a permanent part of your chart until approved by our staff.
  4. Medications: Here you can see current and past medications written by our office or entered by our staff. You can also request refills here.Make sure we have accurate information on your pharmacy preference.
  5. Appointments: In this section you can view upcoming appointments and see requests for appointments. By requesting your appointments in this section, you will added to our waiting list. We will then contact you once we have scheduled your appointment.

NOTE: for security reasons, the username and password you use to access the e-MDs Patient Portal may be different than your patient account number. If you have forgotten your username and password for the e-MDs Patient Portal, call a PFCC health advisor at 573-547-7888 during normal business hours and we can reset it for you. Outside of business hours, leave a voicemail message and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.

Log into the e-MDs Patient Portal here. 

You can download the Patient Portal User Guide here: 

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