PCMH Counseling Center

The PCMH Counseling Center is a community mental health outpatient counseling center. It specializes in the treatment of various mental health disorders while providing the opportunity to meet with both a psychiatrist and a mental health therapist.


Our psychiatrist, Dr. Liss, is board-certified for child and adult services and has several years of experience, which includes operating his own private practice and helping to develop both St. Anthony's Hyland Center and Centerpointe Hospital. He is a professor emeritus at Washington University School of Medicine, where he taught for several years. His expertise in the field of psychiatry includes treating military veterans suffering from PTSD and adult ADD/ADHD.

Appointments with the psychiatrist are available every Tuesday and two Thursdays a month. Although referrals are not necessary, medical records are required from the former treatment agencies. An assessment with a therapist is completed for every client before meeting with the psychiatrist. Our clinic accepts most private insurances as well as Medicare and Missouri Medicaid, which includes Mo Health Net and Molina.


We currently have three therapists on staff. They work with all ages and in different settings; individual, couples, and family therapy sessions. Several types of treatment are available, including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, EMDR (developed for anxiety disorders and PTSD), neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy. Appointments are available during the day as well as in the evening.

ADD/ADHD Education

We are now offering free testing and education for those coping with ADD and ADHD. This is possible due to a grant provided by the Perry County Mental Health Board.  Please call us and make an appointment to learn more. You can also visit for additional information.

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PCMH Counseling Center


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